[{"finalist":true,"id":0,"title":"Catalytic Development of Auburn Gresham","image":"img/finalists/finalist-0.jpg","team":"Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corporation, Green Era, Urban Growers Collective, New Pisgah Community Service Organization","video":"","description":"","content":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\t\t

The Catalytic Development of Auburn Gresham (CDAG) is a portfolio of three investment-ready capital projects poised to reinvigorate this South Side, predominantly Black neighborhood back into a thriving destination. The CDAG projects come directly from Auburn Gresham’s community-driven Quality-of-Life Plan and represent the best of the neighborhood’s vision for its bright future.


The three projects include: 1) transforming a long-vacant, 4-story office building near 79th and Halsted into the 839 Auburn Gresham Healthy Lifestyle Hub, anchored by a full-service health center; 2) developing the first Renewable Energy and Urban Farming Campus in the country on a vacant brownfield on 83rd near Halsted; and 3) a planning process for repurposing an abandoned high school into an innovative mix of affordable housing and other community- identified assets.


To achieve the goals of the community plan, the projects will yield tremendous economic growth for the neighborhood, including 400+ construction jobs and 300+ professional jobs, equitable access to health care, and significant entrepreneurial opportunities, and will put Chicago’s South Side on the map for the green economy. The development projects will also bring needed supportive services to the neighborhood and will transform three ominously vacant city blocks into vibrant and welcoming community spaces.

\n\t\n","link":"","linktext":""},{"finalist":true,"id":1,"title":"Economic Equity & Opportunity via A Little Village Community Hub ","image":"img/finalists/finalist-1.jpg","team":"Delta Institute, Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO)","video":" ","description":"","content":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\t\t

LVEJO and Delta Institute will create a new community hub at 2358 S. Whipple to provide Little Village and Southwest Chicago — composed primarily of working Latino American families — with food equity and economic development opportunities. Little Village is between the Stevenson Expressway, Cermak, Western, and Cicero.


Collaborators include the Street Vendors Association, Little Village Gardeners Coalition, Chicago Food Policy Action Council, and Just Design. 2358 S. Whipple is a former Chicago Fire Department engine house that will become a community hub/commercial kitchen — along with a satellite retail storefront — to:

  1. Offer 150 food-cart entrepreneurs with professional-grade equipment to prepare food for sale — keeping dollars local and increasing household incomes and economic self- sufficiency by 2023;
  2. \n\t\t\t
  3. Establish a worker-led cooperative to manage the kitchen and a cooperative satellite retail storefront by 2023;
  4. \n\t\t\t
  5. Serve as the heart of a sustainable food network by 2023, with entrepreneurs purchasing organic produce from the LVEJO Urban Farm and sending produce waste to the planned LVEJO commercial composting site;
  6. \n\t\t\t
  7. Establish an open-access venue for consistent programming for both LVEJO and local advocates by 2023; and
  8. \n\t\t\t
  9. Create a ripple effect from an estimated $8 million in food cart revenues to increase economic sustainability and uplift community members by 2030.
  10. \n\t\t
\n\t\n","link":"","linktext":""},{"finalist":true,"id":2,"title":"Go Green on Racine: An Englewood Rising Project ","image":"img/finalists/finalist-2.jpg","team":"Inner-City Muslim Action Network, Teamwork Englewood, Resident Assoc. of Greater Englewood, E.G. Woode","video":" ","description":"","content":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\t\t

Built on the community vision and aligned with Englewood Quality-of-Life Plans, Go Green on Racine: An Englewood Rising Project is a cutting-edge initiative to develop a thriving green node in the heart of Englewood with, by and for residents. Located around the 63rd & Racine intersection that connects Englewood and West Englewood zip codes 60621 and 60636, strategically close to the 63rd bus corridor and the closed Racine Green-Line Station, it will introduce three capital assets: a Fresh Market Co-operative; a mixed-use development of 12 residential units, E.G. Woode’s business incubator and 24/7 coworking facility, and food retail; and a hyper-local recycling enterprise repurposing the vacant Woods Academy.


The project is intended to bolster community ownership, food access, holistic development, job creation, and local entrepreneurial activity, and transform the intersection into a green node of development along the East-West and North-South corridors. It will generate 55 permanent living-wage jobs; train and certify 120 returning citizens, young men and women navigating cycles of violence, and Englewood residents in the construction trades and green roofing technology; and support five local businesses annually.


In five years, it aims to create the momentum, density, and public/private investment that will lead to the re-opening of the Racine Green-Line Station.

\n\t\n","link":"","linktext":""},{"finalist":true,"id":3,"title":"Now Is the Time: Advancing North Lawndale Together","image":"img/finalists/finalist-3.jpg","team":"Lawndale Christian Development Corp, Lawndale Christian Legal Center, New Covenant CDC, NLCCC, NLEN, Sinai Community Institute, Under the Grid","video":" ","description":"","content":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

The Chicago Prize will leverage investment of $41 million for physical assets, following Quality-of-Life Plan designed by and for residents. North Lawndale is on the brink of major revitalization with new employers like Cinespace and Lagunitas, national festivals in historic Douglas Park, and for-profit developers eying swaths of vacant property. Longtime residents reap the benefits of new jobs, housing, services, and infrastructure.


Key capital projects will catalyze the economic stability of thousands of longtime residents: working families ready to own their own home; low-income families in need of affordable rentals; Opportunity Youth at the highest risk of violence and a lifetime of incarceration; and residents ready to build skills and knowledge to secure quality, available jobs. All will benefit from access to healthcare. Blighted buildings and vacant lots will be restored to use and, tying it all together, residents will design greenspace and public art through placemaking.


With assets, challenges, and a deeply collaborative planning process, now is the time to advance together, to welcome new developments while protecting current residents from being priced out. This project envisions North Lawndale as a healthy, vibrant community with a diversified and innovative economy, competitive workforce, engaged citizens, and infrastructure that supports long-term, sustainable growth.

\n\n\t\n","link":"","linktext":""},{"finalist":true,"id":4,"title":"The Aspire Initiative: Building A Stronger Cradle-to-Career Pipeline in Austin","image":"img/finalists/finalist-4.jpg","team":" Westside Health Authority, ACT, By the Hand, UW Chicago, LISC Chicago, IFF, LJC, Purpose Built Communities, Applegate & Thorne-Thomsen","video":"","description":"","content":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

Aspire builds on the momentum of the Austin Quality-of Life Plan to create four investments strategically clustered around existing assets in an area bound by Madison, Chicago, Central, and Laramie Avenues. These investments will result in a state-of-the-art early learning, health and recreation center, a vibrant neighborhood high school filled with students, an economic hub that connects low-income residents with real economic opportunity, and 60 units of new affordable housing for purchase so that low-income residents have an opportunity to build wealth. 


The Aspire Initiative is part of a collective vision for a powerful and highly collaborative community with the capacity to create a high-quality cradle-to-career educational system and a revitalized economy by and for Austin residents. These investments and the activity they catalyze will address low education outcomes, rising rates of poverty, and lower rates of homeownership in Austin.

\n\n\t\n","link":"","linktext":""},{"finalist":true,"id":5,"title":"Working Together to Reinvigorate South Chicago","image":"img/finalists/finalist-5.jpg","team":"Claretian Associates, Interfaith Housing Development Corporation, SSA #5, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pilgrim Baptist, NeighborSpace, Alderwoman Susan Garza","video":" ","description":"","content":"\n\t\n\t\n\n

South Chicago is in the midst of creating a community focused project that will reinvigorate the neighborhood. The reminder of the economic devastation from the exodus of South Works in 1992, a once global provider of steel, is realized in every closed business and abandoned home. For too long, South Chicago has laid dormant as a forgotten community. The project is taking action to create opportunities as we work to strengthen our diverse neighborhood. We will no longer accept decisions that are made at the expense of our assets. We will align ourselves with strategic priorities that champion our success.


Project plans will incorporate our local waterfront and business corridors connecting to Commercial Avenue, leveraging prime thoroughfares that embrace transit oriented development and green technologies that make use of existing resources.


Projects such as a 78-unit affordable housing development with a quality grocery store, a redeveloped wellness center with a business incubator, two athletic facilities, a performing arts center and natural play space, and other developments, will make use of the nearby South Chicago Metra Line and six other CTA bus connections to re-ignite the area. This project creates a spark for our built environment, housing portfolio, and workforce development opportunities in three to five years, while bolstering in longterm sustainable efforts that vastly improve economic development and health outcomes.

\n\n\t\n","link":"","linktext":""},{"finalist":false,"id":6,"title":"Blueprint for Equity: Woodlawn 2030","image":"","team":"YWCA Metropolitan Chicago, Greenlining Realty, U.S.A","video":"","description":"","content":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\n

With inclusive community engagement and cross-sector partnerships, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago’s Blueprint for Equity promises socially-conscious economic development with meaningful and sustainable impact for Woodlawn.

\n\n\t\n","link":"","linktext":""},{"finalist":false,"id":7,"title":"Build Bronzeville: Building Bronzeville Through Culture, Community and Commerce","image":"","team":"Urban Juncture Foundation","video":"","description":"","content":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\n

Rooted in a rich Black Metropolis legacy, this project is revitalizing Bronzeville, creating a critical mass of cultural, community and commercial activities at high traffic transit hubs.

\n\n\t\n","link":"","linktext":""},{"finalist":false,"id":8,"title":"Coming Home, Connecting Generations: Constructing the CCBA Service Center","image":"","team":"CCBA Service Center, T2 Development, Ivy Garden Learning Center, The Asian Health Coalition, The University of Chicago Medicine","video":"","description":"","content":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\n

CCBA Service Center will construct a multi-story affordable senior housing complex complete with a community center that serves as an innovative, multigenerational hub for families in Armour Square.

\n\n\t\n","link":"","linktext":""},{"finalist":false,"id":9,"title":"Continuing A Legacy: Catalyzing Community Vision in Homan Square","image":"","team":"Foundation of Homan Square, IFF","video":"","description":"","content":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\n

Homan Square has a vision. This project is bridging deep community roots with finance and development expertise to drive equitable impact and achieve tangible transformation.

\n\n\t\n","link":"","linktext":""},{"finalist":false,"id":10,"title":"Growing Englewood: Mile Square Social Equity Center","image":"","team":"Board of Trustees-University of Illinois (Mile Square Health), Growing Home, One Health Englewood, YWCA, Kennedy King College, Howard Brown Health Center","video":"","description":"","content":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\n

The Mile Square Social Equity Center Growing Englewood initiative aims to build sustainable community wellness through economic development, health equity and food justice.

\n\n\t\n","link":"","linktext":""},{"finalist":false,"id":11,"title":"Imani Village: Thriving Community, Flourishing Economy, Healthy Residents","image":"","team":"Trinity UCC, Advocate Aurora, Nature Conservancy, UIC, Brinshore, Imani Works!, UCC Cornerstone, Trinity 95th, Cottage Grove Planned Community","video":"","description":"","content":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\n

Imani Village will be a model sustainable, mixed-use, vibrant community on Chicago’s South Side that demonstrates the social and environmental determinants of wellness.

\n\n\t\n","link":"","linktext":""},{"finalist":false,"id":12,"title":"Laundry Linen Cooperative: A Wealth-Building Model for Chicago’s West Side","image":"","team":"World Business Chicago, West Side United","video":"","description":"","content":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\n

World Business Chicago and West Side United will inform and lead the development of a Laundry Linen Cooperative on Chicago’s West Side.

\n\n\t\n","link":"","linktext":""},{"finalist":false,"id":13,"title":"Reclaiming 69th St","image":"","team":"Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP), Brinshore, United Power","video":"","description":"","content":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\n

SWOP will reclaim 69th Street by organizing people and developing real estate to improve the physical space and reweave the social fabric of the community.

\n\n\t\n","link":"","linktext":""},{"finalist":false,"id":14,"title":"North Lawndale Ogden Corridor Partnership","image":"","team":"Lawndale Christian Health Center, Westside Association for Community Action, Windy City Harvest at Chicago Botanic Garden","video":"","description":"","content":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\n

Revitalizing the neglected Ogden corridor with 100,000 square feet of vibrant community infrastructure creating new employment and services to catalyze the development of North Lawndale.

\n\n\t\n","link":"","linktext":""},{"finalist":false,"id":15,"title":"Shoot for the Stars, Aiming for Healthy Outcomes in Englewood","image":"","team":"St. Bernard Hospital Development Corporation, Teamwork Englewood, NHS Chicago, Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives, Greater Southwest CDC","video":"","description":"","content":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\n

A holistic approach that addresses economic and housing development, in tandem with health and wellness, returning a sense of community to the area.

\n\n\t\n","link":"","linktext":""},{"finalist":false,"id":16,"title":"Transformation without Gentrification in East Garfield Park","image":"","team":"GMP Lab","video":"","description":"","content":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\n

GMP Labs provides training and employment for opportunity youth through the construction of affordable housing, empowering them to become agents of change in their communities.

\n\n\t\n","link":"","linktext":""},{"finalist":false,"id":17,"title":"St. Laurence Arts & Industry","image":"","team":"Rebuild Foundation, Ignite Technologies, Sunshine Enterprises, Chef Erick Williams","video":"","description":"","content":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\n

St. Laurence Arts & Industry will empower a new generation of creative and cultural entrepreneurs to rebuild and revitalize Greater Grand Crossing’s economy

\n\n\t\n","link":"","linktext":""},{"finalist":false,"id":18,"title":"Washington Park Live! Activating A Place-Based Revolution","image":"","team":" Chicago Community Loan Fund, Emerald South EDC, KLEO Center, UChicago Arts + Public Life","video":"","description":"","content":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\n

Washington Park Live! is an ambitious, aspirational community-led initiative leveraging underutilized physical assets and social capital to jumpstart equitable, transit-oriented, arts and culture-driven neighborhood revitalization.

\n\n\t\n","link":"","linktext":""},{"finalist":false,"id":19,"title":"Woodlawn / NOW Community Plan for Economic Development","image":"","team":"Network of Woodlawn, LISC Chicago, Citibank, Public Building Commission, Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill","video":"","description":"","content":"\n\t\n\t\n\t\n\n

Build and organize Woodlawn as an institution with an infrastructure that creates a self-determined and selfsufficient community and achieves growth in human capital.